About the Writer


Greetings! I’m Bennett, author and designer of this personal blog. I’m currently working in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, Central France as an English teaching assistant. In April of 2019, I graduated from Western Michigan University with a dual degree in French and English studies. At the moment, I plan on pursuing a Master’s degree, but until I decide which field to study in, I’m traveling, working, and biding my time all while documenting my experiences.


To my readers:

The purpose of this online column is to entertain and to intrigue, but more notably to express my thoughts and opinions on the culture and world in which we live. The color of our world always differs from person to person. For this reason, I want to show that our perception of everyday life is entirely subjective and specific to our origins and walks of life, and that life outside of our personal realities may be more rewarding than we might have first imagined.