About the Writer


Bennett Shelley is a 5-year senior at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, completing a Bachelor of Arts in both French Studies and Creative Writing in English. Having spent a considerable amount of time in France and throughout Western Europe, Bennett prefers the more leisure side of life. When not in class or at the office, he can be found enjoying a sunny sidewalk café or enjoying a bottle of wine with friends. He adores the social scene and is always ready to strike up a conversation with practically anyone. Within the next decade, he plans to obtain French citizenship and set up a career of teaching English in France.


To my readers:

The purpose of this online column is to entertain and to intrigue, but more notably to express my thoughts and opinions on the culture and world in which we live. The color of our world always differs from person to person. My job? To show that our perception of everyday life is entirely subjective and specific to our origins and walks of life, and that life outside of our personal realities may be more rewarding than we might have first imagined.