Bon Vivant


Someone who loves life and who knows how to enjoy it, and whose demeanor is generally cheerful and open to others.

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Bon Vivant is a personal blog written by Bennett Shelley, who is currently based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, working as an English teaching assistant. In April of 2019, Bennett graduated from Western Michigan University with a dual degree in French and English studies. He plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in the near future, with either foreign relations or ESL (English as a Second Language) as his focus. Until then, he enjoys experiencing new cultures, perfecting his French, and spending plenty of time at sidewalk cafés. His favorite city is Paris, France.

To my readers:

The purpose of this online column is to share my own perspective with others, but more notably to express my thoughts and opinions on cultural differences. The world always appears differently to each of us, because each of us has our own background and story. For this reason, I want to show that our perception of everyday life is entirely subjective and specific to our origins, and that life outside of our personal realities may be more rewarding than we might imagine.