music mondays | hundreds


After a weekend of gorgeous sunshine London is back to grey skies and drizzle. FUN. Good thing there is plenty of mood music to soothe a cloudy Monday. Hundreds bring you intimate songwriting and gentle, electronic sounds that tend to resonate within. The siblings from Berlin are mesmerizing and as I just found out are … Continue reading

music mondays | escapists


One of the best parts about living in this city is the availability of incredible live music- any night, anywhere, any sound. Hailing from a country with unbelievable talent in the likes of Metric and Arcade Fire, this Canadian expat has high expectations for her sexy, indie rock crooners. But there is such an overabundance … Continue reading

music mondays | the rural alberta advantage


I get really excited when I discover a new band. As in, 7 hours straight on repeat at work and getting slightly irritated anytime I have to pause it to speak to someone kind of excited. I heard their song ‘Frank, AB’ while watching the trailer for Flight of the Frenchies- which is entirely bad … Continue reading

take care


Screenshot any single frame of this video and you’ll discover one big, deliciously monochromatic aesthetic playground. Full of out of nowhere but beautifully derived visual metaphors, Drake and Rihanna’s video for ‘Take Care’ directed by Yoanne Lemoine is a feast for your eyes and your ears. And as a Canadian I have to face it … Continue reading


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